Make your own minimalist business shoes and safe a lot of money


Unfortunaltey sometimes barefoot is not possible. Normally I am writing in German for paleo parents. This one goes out to all daddys (I don’t know whether some women shoes could be modified as well?) who have to wear a suit and are (like myself) too vain to wear normal minimal shoes with that suit. And minimalist dress shoes or minimalist busniess shoes are so expensive over here (around 400€). When I try to wear my normal business shoes I have the feeling of constantly falling over because I am not used to normal shoes anymore because I either go barefoot or wear minimals.

DIY: Make your own minimalist shoes

In the video (sorry for the bad sound I have already ordered a new mic) I will show you how you can easily remove the heel of a standard dress shoe and transfer it into a minimalist business shoe. I know: It still has not the flexible sole of a origininally produced minimalist shoe but it is a great and cheap alternative. Try it! I can really recommend it and it works great for me.

Manual for making your own minimal dress oder business shoe

1. Buy or use a normal business or dress shoe. It should be as wide as possible for the toes. You don’t want your toes be squeezed together. Extra wide business shoes are available for 70-110€. Second hand are a lot cheaper (I won’t have a problem with second hand but it is up to you)

2. Use a hammer and a chisel to remove the elevated heel of the business shoe (watch the video). Sometimes a knife is sufficient but most heels are nailed to the sole of the shoe.

3. Go to a shoemaker and ask him to glue a thin (as thin as possible) robust layer of material to the place where the heel used to be. That makes your shoe last longer. You can do it yourself as well but my experiences show that the shoemaker solution is more robust and stable.

4. Wear a suit with your new shoes and look terrific!

I hope that this will help you minimalist shoes geeks! For me it worked perfect.

All the best, Jan

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